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LTC Description:

At the Concordia Language Training Center, the approach to language teaching puts learners into a grand simulation, where they are surrounded by meaningful elements of a culturally authentic setting. Context-based, situated learning means that learners are continually challenged to apply the target language in a variety of authentic contexts. Given the intensive iso-immersion design of the residential Concordia LTC program, participants will be focused on learning from breakfast until bedtime, away from distractions of daily life, and surrounded by a blend of native speakers and instructors who have mastered a high level of language proficiency. The instructor-to-learner ratio is 1:2, providing non-stop opportunities for participants to engage in the language-learning process. A learner-centered approach facilitates a learning community that is supportive, encouraging, motivating, and engaging. 

Three features further define the successes and gains achieved during a Concordia immersion:

  1. Gaining proficiency faster, achieved through the residential iso-immersion and the instructor to learner ratio.
  2. Experiencing authentic culture, guided by native-speaker instructional team members in a simulated environment.
  3. Engaging with multiple perspectives, shaped by the experiences and background of the instructional team.

The Concordia Language Training Center has provided over one hundred immersions to students from across all services. These iso-immersions have yielded remarkable success in language acquisition as well as building cultural competencies.

Courses Offered:

Languages/Other Course Type Course Pre-requisites Location
Arabic (Modern Standard Arabic) Iso-Immersion , Other , Synchronous Incoming ILR 1+ to 3 Concordia Language Villages, Bemidji, MN
Chinese (Mandarin) Iso-Immersion , Other , Synchronous Incoming ILR 1+ to 3 Concordia Language Villages, Bemidji, MN
French Iso-Immersion , Other , Synchronous Incoming ILR 1+ to 3 Concordia Language Villages, Bemidji, MN
Korean Iso-Immersion , Other , Synchronous Incoming ILR 1+ to 3 Concordia Language Villages, Bemidji, MN
Russian Iso-Immersion , Other , Synchronous Incoming ILR 1+ to 3 Concordia Language Villages, Bemidji, MN
Spanish Iso-Immersion Incoming ILR 1+ to 3 Concordia Language Villages, Bemidji, MN
Ukrainian Online , Synchronous Targeting Russian speakers (at 2 or higher) with limited Ukrainian background Concordia Language Villages, Bemidji, MN (Online)
For specific information on this year’s course dates and how to enroll in a course, please visit Concordia College ’s website by clicking on the link below.
Pedagogical Approach

The immersion setting of Concordia College creates a grand simulation exposing learners to the target language in a community-based learning environment that engages participants by ”living” the language and culture.  The iso-immersion setting is reinforced by a 1:2 instructor to student ratio and situational learning based on real life scenarios. The curriculum and immersion experience are framed by the proven immersion model of Concordia Language Villages.


Participants shared the following comments about their language learning:

“I believe my speaking has improved the most since my first day. I say this because I did not have the vocabulary nor confidence to create a sentence without stumbling or preparation. I believe I am able to speak more freely and can talk about quite a few intermediate-advanced topics without hesitation.”

“My listening and speaking. When I arrived, I felt like I couldn't understand a word the teachers said and certainly couldn't answer well. Now I feel like the constant immersion has allowed me to really hone my speaking and listening skills to the point where I am able to state my opinions and views regarding topics from Sino-American relations to Chinese tea ceremonies.”

“I think my reading speed has improved drastically as well as reading something and not knowing every word yet being able to accurately assume the unknown words definition based on the context, something I wasn't confident in doing prior to being here."

'By far the best training I have attended. I felt as immersed here as I have felt when working with someone 1-on-1 in-country."

"This is the best language course I've taken. This course does not waste time, jumping right into challenging and useful material. Self-study time is offered to allow you to go at your own pace. The instructor to student ratio is very small, allowing for ample 1-on-1 practice in the target language."

“I very much enjoyed being taught higher level topics in target language and using the target language to explain everything. Additionally, I enjoyed being taught lesson topics from instructors that are very educated and qualified to teach on those topics.”


Participants shared the following comments about gains in cultural learning, including their understanding and appreciation of communities where the target languages are spoken, and contemporary political and social issues in those regions:

"This program and the instructors enabled me to acquire a deeper understanding of complex social issues in the target country/language that I would not have been able to acquire on my own. My motivation to continue improving my language skills and deepening my understanding of the culture have also increased.”

“This experience was easily the most beneficial experience of my language learning. The amount of cultural notes I learned cannot be adequately put into words. I learned so much more about this language, its culture, and most importantly, its people. I am very grateful.”

“I learned a lot of background context in spheres of politics and history, which helps fill in gaps in understanding cultural opinions and humor.”

“The course was very beneficial for me, and it covered a wide range of topics. The activities were challenging, and the discussions were enlightening. I appreciate the different views and backgrounds that were shared by the staff and students."


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