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LTC Description:

George Mason University offers online courses called Advanced Professional Writing in English 1 & 2. These courses are designed for non-native speakers (NNS) of English.

APWE 1—Advanced Professional Writing in English 1: Foundations

Ten-week online writing course developed for NNS DoD employees to improve their cultural and linguistic competence as writers of professional English.

Course content:
•    Text Format: emails, reports, performance evaluations, summaries
•    Language Focus: essential grammar structures, sentence and paragraph form, unity, coherence
•    Intercultural Communication: levels of formality, conciseness, cultural expectations in a U.S.-based work context.

APWE 2—Advanced Professional Writing in English 2: Professional Summary Writing

Five-week online course focused on professional summary writing for NNS DoD employees who have completed APWE 1.
Course Content:
•    Text Format: summaries for reports, memos, abstracts
•    Language Focus: identification of purpose, main ideas, and sequencing to combine multiple source documents (e.g., informational reports, opinion pieces, narratives)

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University Location:

Fairfax, Virginia

Languages Available:


Training Delivery Method:

Asynchronous, Online

Pedagogical Approach:

Advanced Professional Writing in English 1 & 2 are online courses that require approximately 10 hours of coursework per week (during duty hours with supervisor approval). Participation is asynchronous, so coursework can be completed on students’ own schedule and does not require logging into the course at a specific time.


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