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LTC Description:

California State University, Long Beach hosts five 16-day (150-hour) residential intensive language courses in French, Mandarin Chinese, Modern Standard Arabic, Persian (Farsi & Dari), and Russian.  The schedule includes 15 ten-hour instructional days with one day off near the middle of the course for personal time. The objectives of the intensive language courses are to: 1) increase language proficiency by a “+” Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) rating in at least one modality; and 2) develop a language learning strategy to improve weaknesses in the language.  The five courses will be conducted during the summer months of June through August.  During each intensive course, students will take a pre- and post-test (ACTFL, STAMP), and the Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT).
CSULB’s capacity for each course is limited to ten National Guard, active duty, or Reserve military linguists.  The target audience is Defense Language Institute–trained or heritage linguists at the ILR 2 to 3-level in at least one modality. Service members must be approved by their unit commander and on military orders for training.  Because of training and evening study, all military orders must allow local lodging.  Course enrollment requires a copy of the most recent DLPT in the target language and completion of a self-assessment.  Command Language Program Managers must ensure CSULB LTC students are able to take the DLPT in conjunction with the course.  Each service member must be committed to 10-hour days and evening study.


University Location:

Long Beach, California

Languages Available:

Arabic, French, Mandarin Chinese, Persian, Russian

Training Delivery Method:


Pedagogical Approach:

CSULB’s teaching methodologies are based on tasks which require students to adopt a communicative approach to language learning, including role playing, narratives, and interactional activities. Fifteen ten-hour class days provide an intense small group environment that pushes students to actively apply their language skills over an extended period of time.

Institution Website:


orourkepc@gmail.com, csulbltc@gmail.com

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